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Best Air Cooler in 2019 – Ratings and Reviews

Top 5 Best Air Cooler in 2019

Summer is the best season to buy best air cooler for your home and office. We know that, in summer, without air cooler our home will be on fire. Air coolers are the best way to cool our nearby atmosphere. We also know that all of you are now looking to buy best air cooler for your home and offices in 2019.  Air coolers are the best alternatives to air conditioners(AC). Because the price of AC’s are further lot more than that of air cooler. For a common man air coolers are there best friend in summer.

Selecting best air cooler in 2019 is very time taking and energetic work for you. That’s why here we have researched and collected the list of Top 5 Best Air Coolers available in 2019. We have also compared all the 5 air coolers according to there specifications. We have listed Air Coolers according to there Performance, Price, User Reviews, Brand and Quality.

Check out Top 5 Best Air Coolers available in 2019 and also read reviews 2016

Best Air Cooler in 2019 – Buying Guide

There are many brands and models of air coolers are available in market.Buying best air cooler from 100’s of different air coolers available in market is not an easy job. You have to consider some points before purchasing air cooler for your home like area of your house or office room that needs to be cooled, outside temperature, your budget and some other features. Buying any air cooler without knowing its specifications is waste of money and time. Below are some important factors you should consider before buying best air cooler in 2019.

Size of the Room – This is the very important factor you should consider when buying air cooler. You should know what size of air cooler you need for your room.

Brand – It is very important that you buy a branded air cooler for your home. Because branded air coolers provide warranty and they also have there service centers in many cities. Most popular brands in Air Coolers are Crompton Greaves, Maharaja, Symphony, Bajaj and Kenstar. These are the best brands in air coolers.

Variable Speed – Just like your fan, air coolers also provide function to vary the speed of cooling. There are some air coolers out in market that don’t provide these feature. We think you should buy the one which provide these feature. Varying speed is very important. You can simply increase or decrease the speed of fans of air cooler.

Wheels – If you have a big home but you don’t wanna buy more than 1 air cooler, still It’s OK. You don’t have to buy more than one air cooler if you buy air cooler with wheels. These wheels will help you to move air cooler from one room to another easily.

Water Level Indicator – Technology is improving and making our lives simple to live. All air coolers come with water tank, but most of them don’t provide water level indicator feature. So don’t forgot to buy the air cooler with Water Level Indicator. It’ll indicate you how much water is available in water tank. So you don’t have to check always.

Note:Prices are subjected to different shopping sites and different offers. Price may not be same on every site. If you are having problem while selecting best air cooler for your home, you can ask your queries by commenting below.

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