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Cuisinart GR-55 Griddler

Cuisinart GR-55 Griddler Review by Tom Harris

Overall Value

Only $ 94.84 instead of $ 185

Is it time for a new griddler? Then you should definitely check out the new griddler by Cuisinart, the GR-55. It is actually a Stainless-Steel Nonstick Grill/Griddle Combo, which means you can use it both as a grill and as griddle. As you can see in the picture on the left, it is simultaneously a grill and a griddle.

But have a look at its specifications yourself:

  • Countertop combination grill/griddle with 15 x 9 inch cooking surface
  • 2 removable/reversible nonstick grill and griddle plates
  • half/half, full-griddle, or full-grill options
  • Dual temperature-control dials
  • You can adjust the heat on one or both sides
  • power/ready indicator lights
  • Removable center drip tray
  • cleaning tool and user manual with recipes included
  • Dimension:19-2/3 x 10-4/5 x 4-2/3 inches
  • 3-year limited warranty

Buy at with a 49 % discount!

I really like this simple 3-in-1 griddler. You can individually control the heat on both halves. Because of this, you can cook something very fast on one site and something else very slow on the other side. It doesn’t get much better for griddlers!

“Miltrane M. B.” says about the Cuisinart GR-55 Griddler:

I really enjoy the fact that I can both grill and griddle at the same time, with 2 different plates. Plus, you can individually control the temperature on each plate, which gives you a ridiculous amount of control over your cooking. I really am more than happy with the Cuisinart GR-55 Griddler

The Good
  • You can both grill and griddle at the same time
  • Individual temperature control for each half
  • non-sticky teflon plates
The Bad
  • Maybe a bit small


For this price, the Cuisinart GR-55 Griller is a very good indoor grill and griddler. The fact that you can individually control the temperature of each half gives you an amazing amount of control over your food and the plates get heated very evenly. I can only recommend this for everyone who enjoys grilling, even when the weather doesn’t allow you to be outside!

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