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Do not buy the Hunter 25517 Summer Breeze 52-Inch 5-Blade Ceiling Fan before you read this!

Hunter 25517 Summer Breeze 52-Inch 5-Blade Ceiling Fan Review by Tom Harris

Overall Value

The Hunter 25517 Summer Breeze 52 inch cealing fan comes with either 5 white blades or 5 bleached oak blades, both of which are reversible. The handy Installer’s choice 3-position mounting system enables you to use this fan in nearly every spot you can think about. Either flushed and close to the ceiling, the standard way with a little bit of space between the fan and your ceiling or even angled, of your ceiling is angled.

Check out a few of the more important details below:

  • Whisper Wind Motor
  • AVT Hanging System
  • Installer’s Choice 3-Position Mounting System
  • 5 white or bleached oak Reversible Blades
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Energy Star Rated
  • Cools down and warms up
  • Designed to safe up to 47% of your energy costs!

Available now with a 10% discount !

In the picture above, you can see 3 ceiling fans of the type Hunter 25517, installed the standard way with a bit of space between the ceiling and the fan. For a room with a high ceiling as in the example, this is the ideal solution. However, if you happen to have a low ceiling or even an angled ceiling, you can still use the Hunter 25517 thanks to the 3-position mounting system. The model in the picture features the bleached oak fan blades.

“Mitch Hail” says this about the Hunter 25517 52 inch ceiling fan:

I bought this model for my living room 4 months ago and it is still completely silent, even on the highest speed. I cannot find any wobble so it seems like the Hunter 25517 is perfectly balanced. This year, I have bought 5 new ceilings and I love this one, especially for the low price!

The Good
  • 3-position mounting system
  • 5 blades, either in white or in bleached oak
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Energy efficient
The Bad
  • Installation can be rather difficult, like most ceiling fans


The only real flaw I could find about this ceiling fan is that the installation may be a bit difficult for some people. If you follow the directions step by step and get some help, you should be able to install it without problems though. Otherwise, this is a great ceiling fan for a great price and it does exactly what it needs to do – it cools you down in an energy efficient way.

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