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Read this about the Hunter 22710 Cortland Five Blades Ceiling Fan now!

Hunter 22710 Cortland Five Blades Ceiling Fan Review by Tom Harris

Overall Value

For sale for only $ 184.94 instead of $ 273 !

The Hunter 22710 is a ceiling fan in traditional design, with 4  lights, complete with decorative shades. You can chose from 5 reversible blades in either dark cherry or medium walnut. As most Hunter ceiling fans, this one also comes with the famous 3-position mounting system, allowing you to install this fan in just about any way you’d like it to.

Have a look at some of the more important details below:

  • WhisperWind Motor
  • AVT Hanging System
  • Installer’s Choice 3-Position Mounting System
  • 160-Watt 4-Light Fixture with Decorative Shades
  • Can Be Installed Without Light Kit
  • 5 reversible dark cherry or medium walnut blades
  • Rich and traditional styling

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With the Hunter 22710, you will get a whisperquiet ceiling fan that you won’t even notice most of the time. Over time, Hunter has developed the most silent and effective ceiling fans and this model certainly takes advantage of that long-time experience. In summer, you will love this fan because it does a good job at cooling you down. And in winter, you will safe money on your heating expenses because this fan helps mixing the warm air just below your ceiling with the cooler air in the living space, warming up the living space!

“J Lee” says about the Hunter 22710 Cortland Five Blades Ceiling Fan:

I think it was not very hard to install this fan, unlike some of the other reviewers said. This ceiling fan fits perfectly into every traditional style room. We have been very satisfied with this purchase and it has drawn the compliments of a lot of our guests.

The Good
  • Features the 3-position mounting system
  • You can choose from 2 different kinds of blades
  • Includes 4 lights
The Bad
  • Some reviewers said it was hard to install

At the end,

Everyone who likes traditional style homes will love this ceiling fan. With its 4 lights – complete with decorative shades that look very nice – it also functions as a light source. The fan itself does its job in cooling you down in summer and warming the living space in winter. All in all, I can really recommend this Hunter ceiling fan.

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