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Read this before you buy the Hunter 23980 Bayview 54-Inch Ceiling Fan!

Hunter 23980 Bayview 54-Inch Ceiling Fan Review by Tom Harris

Overall Value

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With the Hunter 23980 Bayview 54-Inch ceiling fan, you are looking at a real beauty. Unlike other ceiling fans that are made of simple plastic and look like they were made in a huge factory, this one looks like it was handcrafted, just for you! With its 5, palm-leave like blades, it looks amazing! The hardware is made from stainless steel, ensuring you will be able to enjoy this ceiling fan for a long time.

Check out its specifications below:

  • WhisperWind Motor
  • Installer’s Choice 3-Position Mounting System
  • UL Damp Listed
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • 54-inch Ceiling fan
  • Limited Lifetime warranty
  • 3 available speeds
  • 5 blades, shaped like palm leaves

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The Hunter 23980 Bayview ceiling fan isn’t just a ceeling fan. Of course it does it job well in summer and it will make your living room feel so much cooler. This ceiling fan is able to save you money on cooling costs in summer really well! But unlike other ceiling fans, you will also love this one in winter. If you set it on the clockwise, low degree setting, it will mix the warm air at the ceiling with the cooler air in the living space, heating up the living space! So you can also save on heating costs with this fan. The pictures above show exactly how these principles work.

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“R Goldenberg” says about the Hunter 23890 bayview 54-inch ceiling fan:

Like all our other hunter ceiling fans, this one did not disappoint us. It does not only look beautiful, but it also works perfectly fine. We had to cut a hole in our ceiling, otherwise installation would only take about 30 minutes. Very pleased and “cool” with this fan!

The Good
  • 54-inch – very big fan can be used in big rooms
  • Palm-leave shaped blades gives this fan a great appearance
  • Whisperquiet motor
The Bad
  • No quick connect fan blades, installation could have been easier


If you buy the Hunter 22980 Bayview 54-inch ceiling fan, I don’t think you will be disappointed. Of course, it hs been designed very well and especially the palm-leave shaped blades will draw the attention towards them. But it also workd well and I think that is the most important aspect of any ceiling fan. In summer it cools down and in winter it warms up.

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